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Daily Habits + Your One Thing


Oh my word! (I'm doing a happy dance for so many of you right now! 

For those of you who caught the live training inside the Millennial Homemakers FB group, your feedback has shown me that you are already seeing a mindset shift in the way you focus on your goals! You're doing it! And I am so proud of you. 

If you didn't get a chance to catch the live training in the Facebook group, feel free to catch the replay here.  This link will take you to the group, I'll add you, then you can catch the replay from the Success Trainings Unit Section. 

The last post in the blog was about choosing one breakthrough goal in 2021 – a goal that would up-level every area of your life. (If you did choose a goal, and you can reveal it publicly, I volunteer to cheer you on - drop it into the comment section and share it!) 

Sometimes big goals, like your OolaOne goal, seems scary and unattainable. But, that’s only a fear that you get to work through and here’s how. 

So to remedy that, I recommend a handy tool that helps you take small steps toward your goal every day. Grab yourself a 3x5 card - yep, that's all you need!

Every morning, grab a 3x5 card and divide it in half (by drawing a vertical line down the center). 

List the things you need to accomplish for work on one half—and the things you need to accomplish at home on the other. 

Whatever is important today, write it down. Now, when you’re finished writing, your list may surprise you. 

If you find your card is filled with tasks, errands and calls that don’t really move you closer to your biggest life goal, it’s probably time to reassess your priorities. 

For example, if your goal is to be 100% debt-free, could you do one thing every day toward eliminating your debt? 

  • Instead of writing down “Go to target to check the clearance rack,” your 3x5 card might read: “List outstanding bills in a spreadsheet.” 

  • Instead of “Start new car shopping,” your card could read “Move $100 from checking account to auto loan.” 

See what I mean? Once it’s written down, you can see what makes sense (or not), and then (do what most people have to do) and re-write a different to-do list that actually gets you closer to your best life ever. 

Part of my job as an Oola Life Coach is helping clients determine their OolaOne goal, then prioritize their daily tasks and—most importantly—stay accountable to accomplishing those tasks week after week. 

For those of you inside Millennial Homemakers Facebook group, I have a huge announcement for you that is going to up-level you give you another tool on how to choose action steps and rhythms that guarantee the high-test productivity for your goals! 

I'll be making the announcement either something this week or this weekend. Definitely by Sunday, for sure. So stay tuned in the group for that! If you're not in that group and you want to be here's the link to get in -- Grateful+Successful Millennial Homemakers

xo Marissa


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