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Every season of growth along my journey was always marked by some form or mentorship or collaboration. 

When success is modeled by someone close to you, all of a sudden, that success feels more accessible in your own life.

How to Live a Better Life | There's No Going Back to Ordinary

Your life was designed to be unique, compelling...dare I say, exceptional. 
And by taking action to achieve your OolaLife, it can be. 

It’s your time to pursue the greatness that’s within you. 

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Where to start to begin living your dream life | We did it, and you can, too!

It’s been a whole month since my husband resigned from his 9to5 and joined me at home to be his own boss as a full-time entrepreneur! He’s been so focused on this goal for the past 9 years and it’s finally here. 

I share this with you - my friends, coaching clients, and new friends who might have stumbled across this list somehow - I share this because if this can happen for us, it can most certainly happen for you. 

Here's how...


I believe that our overwhelm is mostly self inflicting yet sometimes we take our Christian faith for granted by using it as a crutch for the way our life is when we should be taking responsibility for our actions and consequences.  When our lives are overwhelmed, do we take responsibility? No - we blame God or the enemy, but never ourselves. God is sovereign, yes. But God's sovereignty doesn't negate personal responsibility to choose to do our part. We each have free will. We each have free thoughts, and from those thoughts comes the ability to choose daily habits that form our lives. If we're not careful, those habits end up forming lives that are not pleasing to God, nor are they beneficial to us or anyone else for that matter. 



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