One Thing You Can Do Now To Change Your Life Forever
Your breakthrough goal - change one thing.

If you could change one thing about your life today that would positively impact all your tomorrows, what would your one thing be? 

No, really. Think about if for a few minutes…

Could it be-

  • Getting strong & healthy so you can keep up with your kids and enjoy life for the first time in years? 
  • Moving on from a toxic workplace to a fulfilling job you’re passionate about? 
  • Reaching your first $100,000 in a retirement account? 
  • Paying off your credit card debts or student loans? 
  • Some other goal? 
If you're the type to love a good challenge, I’d like to challenge you to choose your one thing, then create action steps towards it today. - Yaaaas, girl! Today. You're not promised a tomorrow, so what are you waiting for? 

Ok so how do you do that? (Keep reading 'til the end to find out)

With so many stress points in life, having one breakthrough goal – can change our lives for the better (often permanently). 

Changing one thing usually helps us gain a more balanced life and more balanced life not only calms the chaos, it puts us together with new people, gives us new skills that we previously didn’t believe we could achieve. 

We get smarter, more confident, better connected, more loving, more generous, less stressed—qualities that enable us to truly live our unique purpose on this planet. 

We can never go back to who we were because we become someone different in the process of pursuing our OolaOne. 

Are you up for that kind of life change in 2021? - check out how other mamas are creating that kind or change for themselves here inside the Millennial Homemakers Facebook Group.

Permanent change is what the Oola lifestyle taught me, and it’s what I help others do as an Oola Life Coach. 

& friends, here's a quick mindset tip for you - think of this as something you GET-to do instead of something else you HAVE-to do. Creating a balance life is fun!

Saying, I get to do this’ triggers a more positive response in your brain as opposed to I have to do this’.  

Life is stressful enough as it is. Choose to make your one thing fun & easy. 

So here's the how that I mentioned aboveHere’s one of the techniques that I use with my clients so that they can create doable action steps towards their goals. 

  • First, START TODAY 
  • Second, Write down each of the following categories 
  • Fitness • Finance • Family • Field • Faith • Friends • Fun 
  • Now, MAKE A LIST OF 7 GOALS from each category, THEN CHOOSE ONE.

When you’ve decided, drop a comment below and share your OolaOne goal (unless it’s private). 

I’ll go live inside Grateful+Successful Millennial Homemakers tomorrow morning at 10amCST & give you a strategy so that you can achieve your OolaOne goal with grace & ease.

Go ahead and grab your seat in there now b/c it will be a life-changing conversation that transforms the way you focus in 2021. 

xo Marissa


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