Our low-toxin lifestyle has afforded us many opportunities to connect with women from all over the world who have also been able to experience healing through holistic remedies. Here are some of our stories + helpful resources for your journey.  
28 to ELEVATE - a 28 day challenge to help you with your health and wellness goals. 
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  • Have you attempted fitness goals in the past, but for some reason they didn't stick?
  • You want to make a change but you don’t have time or energy for the gym?
  • You feel so intimidated by the kitchen the thought of making something healthy for dinner is too overwhelming for you to take on?

The Ultimate Low-Toxin Guide to Jump-start your Holistic Lifestyle
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Do you ever feel like your hormones are just out of whack?
You know something is wrong but you can’t really pinpoint the problem?
I know I've been there, and so have so many other women. 
But here's the thing...you don't have to stay there. There is hope and you can advocate for your own health.
Elizabeth is sharing how she did exactly that.

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Helpful Instagram Accounts for 
Healthy Living
Courtesy of Tanesha Hurd. Tanesha is a first-year naturopathic medical student at SCNM! In a FB Live with Marissa, I mentioned how important a healthy lifestyle is to me. I’ve provided some great resources for learning below. This is by no means an all-inclusive list, but these are the people I’m currently learning from the most (outside of school). I hope you find them helpful!

 Learn more about naturopathic medicine - https://aanmc.org/
 Find a naturopathic doctor - https://naturopathic.org/search/custom.asp?id=5613

Important Notes
In the list of Instagram accounts below, you’ll find the account names, links to the accounts, and a few notes from their bios. There is an assortment of NDs, MDs, herbalists, students, etc.
You’ll find that some accounts are “heavy hitters” with loads of information. 

Some others lean more towards sharing information about upcoming Facebook and Instagram livestreams and workshops. In addition to their posts, be sure to check out their highlights and IGTV videos! Also visit the links in their bios for access to their websites, blogs, podcasts, books, etc.

Eat the meat, and spit out the fat! Not every diet or spiritual practice you read about is right for you. Exercise wisdom in all that you learn!

Instagram Accounts
1. Vis Medicatrix Naturae (@natural_natosha)
- Naturopathic medical student
- Genetics and genomics
- Nutrigenomics
- Herbalist
- Podcast host: What’s The Juice
- Available on Apple Podcasts, Google Play, SoundCloud, and Spotify

3. Dr. Christian Gonzalez (@doctor.g_)
- N.D, Integrative Oncology
- Environmental medicine
- Healing the mind and body
- Podcast: Heal Thy Self
- Available on Apple Podcasts, Google Play, YouTube, and Spotify

4. PharmD Whole Health (@awholehealthlife)
- Doctor of pharmacy
- Prevention over pills
- Real food is medicine

5. Alexis Nikole (@blackforager)
- Foraging and enviro sci enthusiast
- Vegan food concocter

6. Dr Vivian Chen (@plateful.health)
- I help find the root cause of issues
- Non-toxic living
- Plant-based

7. Colleen Codekas (@growforagecookferment)
- Grow and forage food & medicine
- Cook real food from scratch
- Ferment all the things
- Preserve food naturally
- Make herbal medicine

8. Dr. Naika Apeakorang (@drnaika)
- Naturopath
- Acupuncturist
- Herbalist

9. Holistic Pediatrician (@dranamariatemple)
- Supercharge your kid’s health
- All about preventing chronic disease

10. Dr. Jameelah Nelson (@drjameelahnd)
- Preconception, pregnancy, and postpartum
- Women’s health and kids
- Restore health and prevent disease

11. Tyler Jean (@functional.foods)
a. Student of naturopathic medicine
b. Wellness enthusiast
c. Dairy, wheat, and refined sugar-free recipes

12. Devin Miles, ND (@drdevinmiles)
- Doctor, speaker, writer
- Telehealth consultant (gastrointestinal disorders, kidney disease I-IV)

13. Devin Stone – Natural Medicine (@dstone008)
- Doctor of naturopathic medicine student
- Cell Medicine
- Promoting “healthcare” not sickcare

14. Dr. Gaynel Nave (@drgaynelnave)
- Licensed naturopathic doctor
- Hormone educator
- Women's health activist
- Mental health innovator

15. Dr Tyna Moore (@drtyna)
- Radically transparent disruptor
- Mentor to rockstar doctors
- Podcast: Pain Free and Strong Radio
- Available on www.painfreestrongradio.com

16. Bryant Esquejo, ND (@dr.bryant)
- Licensed naturopathic doctor
- Gut, hormone, and skin health
- Modern natural medicine

17. GreenMedInfo Senior Researcher (@empoweredautoimmune)
- Advocacy for medical freedom + body autonomy
- Proponent of informed consent + holistic health

18. Dr. Asia Muhammad (@dr.asiamuhammad)
- Doctor (ND)
- LC-GS/MS scientist
- Author
- Naturopathic medicine
- Sustainability