When my friends come to my house, they always ooh & ah over how peaceful and calming my house feels. My secret? - calming oils running in my diffusers placed throughout our home. 

You guys, it creates an entire vibe that I always love coming home to. 

And what's crazy is I love that I can literally create that kind of atmosphere for my family and not have to worry about artificial perfumes and fragrances making my family sick.

You see I trashed all artificial scents from my home almost 6 years ago, and it was all for this little guy you see pictured below. 
My Naturopath introduced me to a Young Living oil blend called Thieves in 2015 to help support my infant through a really difficult winter. I've been hooked on oils & Young Living ever since. You could call me a crazy hippie and I wouldn't even get mad, lol. 

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