If you have a Young Living Business, the GetOiling platform gives you the option to showcase a beautiful pre-made Young Living platform alongside your coaching business. 

If you're not ready to run your Young Living business just yet, no worries! 
You can edit your site at any time, and I will show you how!

Try GetOiling for $1 for the first month and 1/2 off for your second month with this link: 


If you have been following Oola for the past few months, you know that the Oola Guys recently teamed up with Martha Krejci and I must say, it's the best collab I've seen in a long time! 

Martha is a Business Strategist & Coach who teaches individuals how to create home based business & multiple streams of income.

Her most recent signature program - Home Based Revolution or aka HBR launched in the summer of 2020 and I jumped in on day one. 

I've been learning from Martha's coaching programs since December of 2019 and now HBR - with everything I learn from her, I'm able to upgrade my business like nothing I've tried in 3 years! 

That said, I just couldn't figure out how to get my website looking beautiful or how to make it all flow together. That's where this course comes in - to help you get past the overwhelm and time suck so you can get to coaching!

 So --If you already follow Martha and are familiar with her systems (Lead Groups, Specialty Groups, & Bat Signal)  then you are going to flip when you see the module created just for you where you will learn how to take our monthly Oola Resources to create your own lead magnets, campaigns, blog posts, weekly trainings, & lead group challenges for your audience. 

Basically, you'll have everything you need! 
When you're ready, I'm ready! 
Let's change the world together. 

  • How to Tell Your Story 
  • How to Welcome a New Potential Client
  • Learn The Difference Between Lead Magnets & Landing Pages 
  • How to Create Landing Pages 
  • How to Create Lead Magnets
  • What is a Campaign & How to Craft One
  • How to Create an Email Campaign in GetOiling

  • Overview of How to Style Using Pinterest Inspiration + Canva
  • Creating Your Banners in Canva
  • Creating Your Photo + Text Graphics in Canva
  • How to Style GetOiling with Your Canva Creations so that Your Website Looks Fantastic on Desktop & Mobile Devices
  • How to Link Your Young Living Store (Optional)
  • How to Use Your Oola Coaching Content for Lead Magnets, Landing Pages, & Email Campaigns
  • Access to Peer Support in the Designed for Function & Styled for Success Member Area on Facebook.