Number One 

If all of your goals and dreams came true, what could your life be like 365 days from now? 

In 365 days if all of your goals and dreams came true...
  • Where would you live? 
  • Who would you hang out with? 
  • What are you eating? 
  • How does that feel in your body? 

Allow yourself to really dream here. Think about what life would be like in 6 months, a year, then 5 years if everything you wanted to happen worked out. 

Allow yourself to be your best, uninhibited dreamer…and really feel the gratitude about where you want to be in life as if it’s already yours. Get a 5 subject notebook, & write these thoughts down.

Number Two 

Where will your life be if you continue doing what you're doing today?


Here is where a lot of us get stuck. 

We allow ourselves to dream, but then we do nothing OR we keep spending our time on activities that do not move us closer to our goals. 

  • If your dream is to be happier in 6 months…you’ve got to start working on your mindset now - No one but you is responsible for you happiness. 
  • Do you want to improve your fitness level? Then it's time to get moving today.
  • Want to improve the relationships in your life? Time to have some crucial conversations and start setting boundaries. 
  • Looking for a career change? Time to start thinking like an entrepreneur and reinvent yourself.

Whatever your dreams are, It’s time to get real about how you’re spending your time and check in to see if your time is in alignment with who it is you say you want to become. 

Number Three 

What is your 'why'?


This is one of my favorite questions to ask people because it really helps them to remember why they had dreams and goals in the first place...and, it allows me to get a sneak peak of who they really are. 

Most of my clients have a 'why' that is connected to their desire for more options for their lives. 

They want to scale their business,  make more money, have a better relationship with their spouse, leave a job they hate, or find a job they love. 

I attract clients who have a heart to lead from a place of service and I help them do exactly the with my Intuitive V.A. services. I use my skills as a coach to guide them towards their dream life + my skills in tech, creativity, and admin tasks to support them in taking the action steps necessary to grow.  

Here's a quick tip to always remember. When you set new goals, you're also going to set new action steps to support those goals.  Remember this - you'll be working new muscles that you’ve most likely never used before and it may be a bit uncomfortable. 

But when you have a very clear why, a strong purpose, a dedicate passion plan…then you start to welcome the uncomfortable days because you know they mean growth.

To have a thriving business & life full of harmony, balance & growth...wouldn't that be nice? 

If these questions have peeked your interest, the next step for you is to have a coffee chat with me. I want to support you in your business + life goals and would love to hear about your vision for you future. 

Coaches, small businesses and entrepreneurs hire me to help them get clear on what they want for their life + business goals so that they can have more time to focus on the tasks that really matter.

I use my 9+ years of business management, and training as a life coach when I work with clients so that you are able to work with me in figuring out which direction you should take. I then use my virtual assistant skills so that you are then able to hand me the admin, tech, and creative tasks that are bogging you down so that they can reclaim your time and focus on the tasks that will drive your vision forward. 

As your Intuitive VA, I believe that every servant-led business owners deserves a team that will not simply check things off of a to-do list, but will also embody the company vision and create from a place of passion and unity so that your business can thrive on a holistic, comprehensive level. 

Does this sound like a partnership you'd like to look into for your business? If so, I'd love to connect with you. 

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