Marissa Deshauteurs

Here’s the deal, sis. You can keep stressing out about money, and keep allowing yourself to fall back into the same ole unhealthy money behaviors.

OR…you can go through these 5 ways to create some cash-flow now and ask yourself about the the trajectory of current financial plan. 

Be honest. And determine quickly whether you should keep going with it…or not.

PS, there’s no shame in asking for help. 

Successful people are successful because they asked the right questions to the right people. 

Meet Marissa Deshauteurs

"Either you have an agenda for your life or life will impose it's own agenda on you."
-Les Brown

Something I've loved learning about over the past few years is the concept of a holistic lifestyle. There's nothing more important than living a healthy lifestyle - physically, mentally, and spiritually...and also, having the tools and resources to cultivate that concept. 

xo Marissa


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