6 Things to Ask Yourself When Starting A Home Business Opportunity

Working from home - & ultimately being your own boss - requires a certain level of discipline and purpose behind it. 

It’s not easy to keep showing up for yourself when experiencing a hard day…you've got to build a solid reason to keep you going. 

It’s easier to give up and quit when you don’t have one of who things….

  • One - either someone in your face telling you that you can’t quit (typical 9to 5) 

  • OR you’ve got a heart-centered reason why you refuse to quit.

I’ve got my hands on the latter and it feels so good to have business that not only provide an additional, steady stream of residual income, but also provides a way for me to give back and serve my audience!


How to Prepare Your Financial Wellness and Get on the Same Page

How many of you have ever heard of Dave Ramsey?

Do you follow his advice on financial peace?

I was introduced to him in college, and even though I didn’t follow his 7 baby steps then, I was drawn to his way of thinking in regards to being in debt. 

As a married couple, we were reintroduced to Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University class 2 years ago, and it really helped us get on the same page with our finances.

Finances had been a point of contention up until then. 

Today I want to share some encouragement with you.

I recently read a blog post by Dave Ramsey who said, 'Fifty percent of Americans have less than one month of their income saved for a rainy day (emergencies). 

Sure, that might not sound too positive. But guess what? We’re positive it’s going to rain!' 

With all of the chaos in the world today maybe you're not in that 50%… but some of you are. 

If you've lost your job and don't have emergency cash on hand, chances are you will have to fall back on credit cards to keep yourself afloat. 

And with nearly half of American households not saving any of their money, I'm sure this has been a very difficult time for many.

My heart goes out to those who were like me and were never taught how to have a healthy relationship with money… but it doesn’t have to stay that way. Let this be your wake up call.

Dave's Financial Peace University course is usually $100, but he just announced on his podcast that you can take the course for free. 

Just go to the following website.

www.daveramsey.com/store/hope & register to be able to take the full course. You'll have free access for 14 days so grab your spouse and binge watch this instead of Netflix. 

You’ll receive all nine lessons of Financial Peace and the EveryDollar Plus budgeting app—for free for 2 weeks! 

If you’ve been waiting for a sign to know if this proven plan works, here’s your sign. 

It worked for me and my family and we are still following Dave’s Steps as we teach them to our kids.

I know you’re sitting at home binge watching Netflix anyway. So why not take this time to watch from home and get started today!

When you’re in a crisis, facts are your friends. If you stay factual, you will see your way through this hard time. 

I'm rooting for you!