Hey, stay at home moms...

I know our mundane routine can sometims leave us to lose the wonder and joy of being a homemaker...sometimes we wish we could be home for our children but also, have something outside of home where we can create....where we are more than just mommy. 

Now I don’t want to argue whether you should or shouldn’t be a mother who works or stays at home. 

I believe women should pray about this and see where God leads them. 

For me personally, God led me to stay at home after 9 years in pharmaceuticals, & as a result, I've come to relaize what the main issue is for every single SAHM on the planet.


As homemakers, we manage, love one, and care for the people & tasks of our household 24/7. 

We make sure everyone has what they need and gets where they need to go. 

We create a warm, welcoming atmosphere where our family can thrive. 

And if we are believers, we minister to our husband & raise our children to be the change makers of this world. 

Now that said....homemaking has it's challenges. So when you start to feel isolated, and like you aren’t doing enough because you are 'just a stay at home mom' - If you’ve ever felt this I want to encourage you. 

Your were designed by God for greatness & a understand right here, right now that the feelings are sent from the enemy in many ways - I'm going to address just two. 

Number one, homemakers are often isolated. The best way to tear someone down is to get them to themselves and make them tired. Mothers is the American culture are often left to figure it out for themselves, while working, maintaining their home, & maintaining themselves


Many of use were able to use our creative talents in a 9to5 before we became homemakers.

We were given a routine with a schedule + a paycheck & rewards for all of our hard work. 

We had a boss - maybe we were the boss - but we also had peer accountability...and most importantly, we got BREAKS. 

Nobody told me homemakers didn't get breaks LOL, y'all.

The  biggest issue I see in my younger, stay at home moms is that they feel like they're failing and I get it --I felt that way once too. 
When I first resigned from my 9to5 three years ago, I remember how I sat alone looking around my living room and wondering how was this my life. 
I was great as a 9to5 employee, but homemaking kicked my butt.

I sat there by the fire place while my newborn baby slept in his swing to my left, and my toddler played with his magantiles in front of me- he was completely unaware of the depression I felt. 

Mountains of clothes surrounded me, clutter crowded my home & my head, & really...I just felt alone. 

My transition felt brutal, and all I really needed was someone who could show me what my new position as a homemaker was supposed to look like. 

Some of you feel like you're failing right now  & the truth is you're not failing at all. You're in transition right now. 

While in transition you'll also need to surround yourself with individuals who can sit in your blind spot and an alternative get you out of your own echochamber. 

And you'll either do one of two things. 
  1. - find someone to help mentor you so you can thrive through it, or. 
  2. - you'll struggle through it until you finally settle into rhythms & routines that serve your family best
Number two may or may it happen,  but I have set of questions you should ask yourself to start figuring it out. 
Once you get done with these questions, you'll know for sure if you should stay on the path you're on or, if you should pivot.  
And sis, there's nothing wrong with a pivot. 
Smart people pivot all the time. 


You see, what I have learned since that moment is that I wasn't failing at anything - & neither are you. 

I was in transition and my life was OUT OF BALANCE. 

  • You see, before you worked your 9to5, someone gave you extensive training. 

  • You were an amazing 9to5 employee because someone trained you to be. 

  • You either studied in a classroom or learned on the job, or both! 

  • But how many of us were trained on how to be good at our position as a homemaker?? 

Maybe some of you did but I certainly did not, and I'm certain there are others just like me who didn't have that either. 

As a result if my epiphany that day on my couch, I started looking into different things I could do....and spoiler alert, things got worse before they got better. 

The main thing to remember is that my life was completely out of balance - and the enemy used that to make me want to quit. 

All I really needed was someone to show me how to do a better job - and that's all you need, too. 

 I'm doing what I can to facility that balance for you, and give you a let up as you make your own transition. 

Trainings start Monday inside Millennial Homemakers group -- you can find out about that here.

You are designed by God for greatness and a purpose - now is not the time to give up. 

xo Marissa 


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