You hate it when things change…especially when you feel like the change is out of your control. 

Stepping out of your own perspective and looking at things from an aerial view may not always be an option, but it’s crucial to remember that our thoughts are not God’s thoughts.

We usually don’t have an aerial view of our circumstances, especially in the midst of them…but the God we serve does. 

So why do we resist change and how we can flip our perspective to be in a space where we can trust that the change is good. 

First thing to remember is this… It’s in our nature to resist change. It really is. The uncertainty that comes with the change is often uncomfortable and we love our creature comforts of always feeling like we know what’s next.  

Our survival instincts perceive that a change as a threat.

Key words here are 'perceive' & ’threat'. I doesn’t matter if the threat is real or not, but essentially… our brains can’t see past what it can’t see. 

A perfect story for this is how I am always asking my boys to try new foods. 

If you’re a mom reading this, then I’m sure you can relate when I say that it's not always easy to get our kids to eat healthy, nutritious foods. 

But here’s the thing… you’re probably not going to get a toddler to eat an entire portion of broccoli on the first try, but maybe you can convince them to take a bite….just one.

We know that it’s not super important to get them to eat an entire portion at first…because I know that an acquired taste has to build. 

When I was younger, I hated  certain foods that I now crave as an adult. 

We know that our kids need that portion of carrots and broccoli. They may not like it in that moment, but giving them nutritious foods is good for them in the long run. 

I’ve been resisting the change to bring my business online for a few years now—and then COVID happened, and I was forced into it.

So here I am - - blogging, scheduling and hosting business meetings online, learning how to market online - and thoroughly enjoying it! 

I’ve found myself embracing the technology I once hated - mostly because I didn’t understand it, and still don’t fully understand it; just taking things one day at a time. 

I know you’re resisting change today too. Are you brave enough to share? What change are you resisting in your life today?

It may just be your biggest blessing yet. 

Would love to hear about from you and how you’re doing in this season.

Let’s embrace these changes together. 



O taste and see that the LORD is good: blessed is the man that trusteth in him. Psalms 34:8


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